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Let's Rock

This half term we will be starting our new topic based around Let's Rock. We have lots of exciting actvities planned for this half term.

Read Write Inc

As readers and writers we will start off the half term looking at the fantastic novel 'The Great Kapok Tree' written by Lynne Cherry. Children will be writing for a variety of pruposes and have the opportunity to plan and write their own dilemma story.


As mathematicians we will be consolidating what we have already been taught about addition and subtraction before moving onto multiplication and division. We will be learning how to check our answers using the inverse operation.


This half term DT will be a food technology focus. Each week a group of children will become our class master chefs and have the chance to follow a recipe dictated to thm by the rest of the class. Once they have prepared the food everyone in class will have the opportunity to taste the food and evaluate the skills of the chefs and the quality of the food. We will be looking at seasonal recipes as well as how to make healthy balanced meals.


In PE we are looking at a variety of sports that will be played during the Paralympics.


In geography we will be learning to describe and understand key aspects of physical geography in various contexts including; what lies beneath our feet?, volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis and tornadoes. 


In RE this half term we will be finishing off our unit of work based on how Muslims and Christans celebrate birth. We will finish off this topic with a visit from Rev.Sue who will help us act out a baptism. Then we will be moving on to a new unit looking at how different beliefs can be expressed through art.


As technological wizards we will be learning how to upload, edit and save photographs using a variety of photo editing software,


In PSHE we will be focussing our learning on how to stay healthy by eating well and exercising. We will also be thinking about how to stay safe around the home and in our local environment. 


As scientists we will be completing different investigations based around rocks. We will be looking at different types of rocks, classifying rocks, finding out how different types of rocks are made and what properties they have.


As historians we will be looking back at the Maya Tribe and the impact they have had on the world we live in today.


In music we will be learning to use our voices and instruments to create sound. We will be looking at various rock bands from the past and comaring them to the ones from the current day.

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