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Federation Governing Body


Please click on the link to see our Governor's Register of Interest Document.

Register of Business Interest


Here are some of our Federation Governing Body who work in partnership with the school leaders to develop and strategically manage the school.


Miss Amy Crowther


Mr Brian Edwards


Mr Iain Green


Mr Jonathan Bradley


Mrs Kerry Wimpenny


Mr Mike O'Connor

Vice Chair of Governor


Mr Richard Coates


Mrs Stella Cawood


Mrs Sue Lodge


Mrs Suzanna Meese


Curriculum and Achievement Committee

Amanda Drennan, Stella Cawood, Suzanna Meese-Simpson, Richard Coates, Lynsey Wagstaff, Kerry Wimpenny, Amy Crowther, Claire Kenworthy, Sue Lodge, Jason Middleton, Mike O'Connor (Committee Chair), James Northin 


Finance, Premises/Health and Safety Committee

Brian Edwards, Iain Green, Lynsey Wagstaff, Claire Kenworthy, Richard Coates, Jonathan Bradley (Committee Chair), Deborah Dalton, James Northin 


Staffing Committee

All governors 


Teacher Appraisal and Succession Planning Committee 

Mike O'Connor, Amanda Drennan, Mark Davies, James Northin


Appeals Committee 

Kerry Wimpenny, Brian Edwards, Stella Cawood, James Northin 


Pupil and Staff Discipline

Jason Middleton, Mike O'Connor, Suzanna Meese-Simpson, Amanda Drennan, Iain Green 


Staff with Specific Responsibilities 

Special Educational Needs Governor - Amanda Drennan

Governor for Looked After Children - Stella Cawood

Early Years Governor - Sue Lodge

Equality Governor - Amanda Drennan 

Literacy Governor - Suzanna Meese-Simpson

Numeracy Governor - Jason Middleton 

School Council Governors - Mark Davies, Jason Middleton 

Safeguarding Governor - Kerry Wimpenny

Online Safety Governor - Mike O'Connor

Health and Safety Governor - Iain Green

Assessment Data Governor - Jason Middleton 

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