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Part of The Heights Federation.


Wilberlee School have received notification that they will have their Ofsted Inspection on Tuesday 9th May. While most of our school days will be as 'normal' the inspector will need to speak to a range of staff from across the federation. This may mean that the staff who are usually available may not be for a short period of time. We ask that you bear with us for the course of the inspection and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Many thanks for your continued support and cooperation.


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We already knew it, but it is



Following our latest inspection, Wellhouse is still a good school. Click here to access our latest report.

What did Ofsted say about us?

‘Pupils are keen to learn and are proud of what they can achieve.’

‘……..pupils are making strong progress in reading, writing and mathematics.’

‘Pupils now know and work towards their targets. The teaching of reading has improved and pupils’ achievement is better.’

‘Governance is a strength of the school. Ably led by the Chair of the Governing Body, governors are developing even more effective ways of understanding the work of the school.’

‘Pupils say they feel safe in school and that bullying is not a feature of the school.’

‘Pupils’ personal development, behaviour and welfare are well supported throughout the school.’


Our latest things to shout about:

Some of us were lucky to experience a visit to Milnsbridge to see the Championship Play off final trophy.

Welcome to all our new reception children who have joined us this year at Wellhouse School

Here they all are with Miss Spencer and Mrs Baines

The whole school took part in Golcar Lily Art Day! What a fantastic opportunity for the children to work with different artists:



Class One were very fortunate to go to the Monsoon Indian Restaurant in Slaithwaite where they got a free curry! How wonderful!



About Us

Wellhouse Junior and Infant School is a small rural school nestled in the Colne Valley. We have three mixed age classes and all our children are hard-working and friendly. We are proud to be part of the Heights Federation, we're  Federated with Clough Head and Wilberlee Junior and Infant Schools. We work closely with these two schools and share our learning experiences together. We always welcome prospective children and parents to our school, if you want to have a look around at a fantastic place to learn, please contact the school office.

Please look at the tabs on the side to find out lots of useful information all about Wellhouse School and The Heights Federation.

Check out the link to our recent Examiner article about our New Federation:

Three Schools Join Forces


Look at our photos, you can tell we all work hard and love Wellhouse School:











Here are some comments that parents have recently made about Wellhouse school:

My children are really happy at school.

This is a great school.

I don’t feel able to comment about bullying but I see that as a positive.

My child has improved in her school work since starting at Wellhouse.

The school has demonstrated that it acts with reason and is keen to put in the additional work to foster high achievers.

I thought that Wellhouse would be perfect for my child when I put her name down and 2 years on I still feel the same.

My child loves going to Wellhouse School and this makes me happy too.

I would, and have, highly recommended Wellhouse School. Thank you for helping my child love school and learning.

My child has only been at Wellhouse School for one year but as a family we have felt well supported. I feel more comfortable about approaching with concerns I have.



Polite Reminder: Please Do Not Park on the Yellow Zig-Zags outside school. This is currently being monitored


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