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Sport Premium Funding


what is sports premium?

Following the massive success of London 2012, The Goverment, in conjunction with various charities have implemented a program to increase participation in Sports; develop pupils abilities within sport and improve their health and well being.

Click on the link below to read a statement which explains what the aims of the funding are.

Implementing the “Sports Premium” in our School.

Pennine sports partnership links

How we spend our fundingEach 

In order to track and monitor the allocation of spending and the impact of this, each year we produce a document which sets out our allocation, our intentions for the current year and the impact of previous spending. You can view this document by clicking here. This money is used to fund a dedicated sports coach to work in school alongside the class teacher to teach PE. Our sports coach has links to the sporting opportunities which are taking place across the Colne Valley. Part of his role is to coordinate and prepare our pupils for sporting events which take place throughout the year. This means that our pupils are receiving high quality sports teaching and an opportunity to compete against other children from across the Colne Valley. Many of these events take place at Colne Valley High School providing our pupils with access to high quality, effective sports facilities and the experience of attending a high school setting.

Please click on the documents below to see how we have been spending the money this year to acheive all of the goals set out by the funding, we hope that as this funding continues into the future so we can continue to make lasting legacies, which will benefit this generation and those in the future.

Sports Premium Proposed Spending 2019-2020

Sports Premium Spending 2018-2019

School Swimming

Please click here to access our documentation relating to School Swimming and the outcomes for Year 6 pupils who have received swimming tuition. We take all our children for some time within Key Stage 2 to swimming lessons at Colne Valley Leisure Centre.

Please click here to view KAL schools swimming policy.

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