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Class 3

Welcome to our Class Three Page. I hope that this information is helpful and useful and you are able to find out things that you need to know about life in Class Three at Wellhouse J and I School!
In Class Three we have a mix of Year 4, 5 and 6 Children. We are a fun and friendly class who always try our hardest. We have a great laugh in our class, but are really eager to learn at the same time. We take pride in our work and always want to acheive great new Heights. We really soar high when it comes to our learning attitude and we never give up. We love to learn and are always trying to find out new things. If you need any more information regarding Class Three, please pop into the school office and ask to speak to a member of staff who works in there. 

Take a look around this page so that you find out more about Class Three!

Mr Bradbury
Class Teacher/ Assistant Headteacher 

Who is who in Class Three?

What I need to remember?


Our Timetable

What can we do at home?


Our Topic

What are we reading in Class?

We really love reading in Class Three and we really are trying to read as much as we possibly can. 

Our current literacy book is: All the Wild Wonders - Poems of the Earth
This Poem books shares what the wonders of our planet is through poetry.  This gorgeous book shares all our wonders and we are thrilled to be reading this. 

In our Guided Reading Groups, we are reading two books: Butterfly Lion and Room 13. Mr Bradbury has admitted that these are two of his favourite books from when he was a child (we think that must be reason that he has chosen them). Maybe you could grab the copy that you are reading: 

Mr Bradbury has also chosen a novel to read to us in Class at the end of the day. We have started reading 'Wonder' and it seems like a book with lots of meanings but seems relevant to our learning: 

Please feel free to buy any of the books that we are reading in class to help you with your own learning! 


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