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We take the safeguarding of all members of our school community very seriously at Wellhouse School. We update and review both our training of staff and our policies around safeguarding annually to reflect current changes in guidance for schools. As a staff we have a working knowledge of the document 'Safeguarding Children in Education' and we adpot the Kirklees Model Policy for Safeguarding.

All our staff are trained in Safeguarding Basic Awareness as are our governing body and this training is renewed every three years. Safeguarding features on our indiction programme for new members of staff. We have a handful of senior leaders who are also trained in Safer Recruitment to ensure we have robust measures in place when recruiting new members of staff to our team.


We have a dedicated Safeguarding Governor who meets regularly with the Head to keep up to date on any issues arising across the Federation. We also have safeguarding as a standing item on our governor's meetings so that all governors are highlighted to the importance of safeguarding within school. The Headteacher, alongside Kirklees colleagues completes an annual Safeguarding Audit which identifies areas for action and development which can be worked on to improve our practice here in school.

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