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Starting School


So you have a place for you child to start our school, congratulations! We hope this will be the beginning of a fantastic partnership between home and our school. We appreciate that starting school can be both an exciting and nervous time for parents and children alike. Below are some common questions which may help to alleviate any initial anxieties and are things that previous parents have found useful as their child transitions to full time schooling. Details of the new parents information evening will arrive shortly after your child's place at school has been confirmed. This will be an opportunity for you to meet the staff in school and ask any additional questions. We look forward to seeing you soon.


  • Q. What do you need to know about my child’s pre-school setting?

    A. We will always ask you to provide us with details about your child’s preschool setting. As a minimum we will need the name and contact details for the setting and the days and times your child attends. Please provide this information as soon as possible after it is requested.

  • Q. Why do you need information about my child’s pre-school setting?

    A. The Reception class teacher will try to visit all the new starters in their pre-school setting prior to them joining us for their first visit. She will meet, and join in some activities with, the children and talk to staff.


  • Q. Will my child be offered a chance to visit school and his / her new class before he/ she starts in September?

    A. The children will be invited in to school for for a block of visits so that they can meet their teacher in their new class and begin the process of making friends with other children in their year group. They will join in activities alongside our current reception children who will be Year 1 pupils when your child starts school. They will have access to both indoor and outdoor play and start to see the routines in place across school.


  • Q. What should my child wear for their school visits?

    A. The children visiting will be fine in their ‘normal’ clothes but please make sure they have sensible footwear as weather permitting they will be spending time outside in the Early Years area. Open toe sandals are not suitable for school. The children should bring a coat and may need a sun hat if it is warm. In warmer weather we ask that you apply suncream before they come to school.

  • Q. What is the school uniform and where can I buy it?

    A. The uniform is grey trousers, shorts, skirts or pinafore dresses with either a red or white polo shirt and a red sweatshirt or cardigan. Details of where you can buy uniform with the school logo on will be provided through the school office. You do not have to buy items with the logo on; plain polo shirts, sweatshirts and cardigans are fine.

  • Q. Does my child need a book bag?

    A. We would recommend that you buy a book bag from school. They are just the right size to fit in our storage boxes during the day and are ideal for transporting letters, books, homework etc between school and home. They are available from the school office.

    The Timing of the School Day

  • Q: When our child starts full time school in September what time can we drop them off?

    A: The school day starts at 8:45am. School staff are often present in the playground each morning and are a useful contact for parents who wish to pass on any quick information to the class teacher or school office. Staff are also happy to collect reply slips for trips and support parents with transition into school. Our registers close at 8:55am. Please ensure you are punctual to school each day. 

  • Q: What time should we collect our child from school when they have started in Reception?

    A: 3.15pm. Reception and Year 1 pupils should be collected from the playground outside the fenced area of the Early Years outdoor play space. All other children should be collected from the playground too.

  • Q: How do we get a place at Hoppers?

    A: Hoppers is our local after school and preschool childcare provider. It is run by Alison De-Barkham who will be available to speak to at our new parents information evening. Alison drops pupils at school in a morning and will collect children at the end of the day. Hoppers is based at Bolster Moor Chapel. Please follow the link below to their website or use the telephone contact 07838389702.


    Term Dates

  • Q: What are the term dates? When can I book holidays?

    A: Our term dates are in line with those set by Kirklees and are therefore generally consistent with other local schools. We set our own INSET days and these can be found alongside our term dates on the parens tab of this website. As a general rule holidays should not be taken in term time. You might be surprised how quickly the attendance of your child can drop, and the consequences this can have for their learning and development. If it is completely unavoidable talk to the Head Teacher before making a booking - but permission will only be granted in exceptional circumstances.

    Settling in

  • Q: I am unsure about something or need to talk about my child's education and wellbeing. Who should I talk to?

    A: If you are unsure about letters sent home, payment for trips, clubs, etc or your child needs some medicine then speak to a member of staff in the playground or Mrs Gaynor Bearder in the school office. Likewise they will be able to help with dates of forthcoming events and any admin related queries. If you need to discuss some aspect of your child's education, how they've settled in class or any questions about homework or reading books, please talk to your child's class teacher. If you have any more serious concerns then the person to talk to is the Head Teacher, along with your child's teacher (if it is a class based problem). REMEMBER the door is always open, we're here to make sure your child is as settled and as happy as possible!

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