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At Wellhouse School we enjoy our assemblies where we always build on our knowledge and think a bit more about the world around us. 

Here are our assembly themes:

Monday - Celebration Assembly with Mrs Kenworthy

We celebrate our achievements of the previous week. Showing off what we've done and we always say a big well done to our Stars of the Week! Parents and Friends of Wellhouse School are always welcome to join us for our Celebration Assemblies. 

Tuesday - People and Places with Mrs Wallace

Tuesday's are always an enjoyable assembly with Mrs Wallace. We think about the topic we are learning about and think about what is happening in the world around us. We have lots of fun in these assemblies and think about how we can all make a difference to the world we live in. We often have a story to help us think about the world.

Wednesday - British Values with Mr Bradbury

With Mr Bradbury we think about what it means to be British. We explore ideas of Britain including: fair society, democracy, tolerance of others. We liked to active in these assemblies and we have even held our own democratic elections. We often act our a 'value' through a story. We all can't wait to be part of Mr Bradbury's stories in assemblies.

Thursday - Relgions with Miss Travis

Miss Travis tells us all about different Christian stories and makes us think about what the message in these stories are. We also look at other relgions around the world and learn about what other people might believe in.

Friday - Singing with Miss Breslin

We love our Friday singing. Miss Breslin teaches us a wide range of different songs and how to sing these. We often learn about traditions behind the songs we sing too!  We also learn more modern songs, some weeks it is like X-Factor in our assemblies as we are all fab singers!

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